Revolution Beauty make up products
Revolution Beauty products
So first off, Tik Tok highly influenced all of these products especially Amelia Olivia, any product she uses I’m like, well I need that so obviously I have to buy it haha! I ordered all these Revolution Beauty from Beauty Bay purely because I had a discount code to use for the site and they had a sale on so win win. I didn’t go crazy but I thought I’d share with you what Revolution Beauty products Tik Tok made me buy!
Revolution glow tanning mousse, Super Dewy liquid blush
So the first thing I was actually looking for was the 
Super Dewy liquid blush in the shade ‘blushing in love’. I’ve been loving the fresh, natural ‘no make up, makeup’ lately and I’ve seen a lot of people rave about this blush so I obviously had to try! I’ve only recently just got into blush but this one is so super cute and blends out like a dream! 

The next thing was a impulse buy because it was half price lol and I always get sucked in with fake tan but it was the Revolution Glow tanning mousse in the shade Dark. I’m yet to try it yet but the scent is described as a tropical summer fragrance so i’m excited to see if this tan works well and if it does have a good scent!

Revolution beauty ultra cream contour kit
Keeping on the theme of natural makeup, I always think cream bronzers always look so much natural than powder bronzers so I wanted to give this Ultra cream contour kit a go. I’m definitely not skilled when it comes to contouring so I usually just stick with bronzer and kind of use that as a contour as well lol. I’ve used this kit once and they apply and blend so easily! I’ve tried cream products before and some of them have been dry or hard to blend but this one blends amazingly!

Revolution beauty eye bright concealers
I picked up two shades of the Eye Bright concealer, one for under my eyes as an actual concealer and a darker shade for bronzing again. I got the shade ‘Medium Light’ for highlighting / concealing and the shade ‘Caramel’ for bronzing. It has a sponge applicator as opposed to a normal concealer applicator, I think I prefer that as it makes it easier for keeping the product exactly where I want it and helps with not over loading the product. These blend out super easily too, however coverage wise for my under eyes isn’t as full as I’d like it! They’re definitely very good for the natural make up look though.

Revolution beauty soap styler brow product
Fluffy, laminated bold brows are a trend I am living for! My eyebrows are basically non-existent so anything that makes them look fuller or bolder is something I am all here for. I’ve always heard about people using soap for their brows but I’d never tried it myself so when I saw that Revolution had their own Soap Styler I thought I’d just give it a go. At first I didn’t really know how to use it properly but now I’ve used it a few times I love it! It sticks my brows down so well and they honestly don’t move all day. I use the soap styler to shape and laminate my brows first then I go in with a pencil to just add some colour to my gaps and now I love my brows haha! 

That’s all I picked up for my little Revolution haul after being influenced by Tik Tok haha, have you tried any of these products? Let me know if Tik Tok has influenced you into buying products! :-)